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Default Re: Michigan hookah ban bill coming soon near you.

Originally Posted by DaSebsch View Post
Not to mention the fact that some people are allergic against somke, people have asthma, and second hand smoke causes cancer.

However, banning smoking in a hookah bar that serves food is just plain idiotic. If you're scared of second hand smoke, why eat at a hookah bar, a place where more people come to smoke than eat?
I can't say Iím surprised that you don't grasp the simple reality of freedom of choice as it applies in this case given that you idolize a Stalinist mass murderer so i'll explain it again as simply as possible: If an establishment wishes to have non-smokers patronize it they must have a non-smoking section which makes a real effort to segregate smokers from non-smokers since a failure to do so means they lose the business of non-smokers. People had a choice in that area prior to the state decided otherwise and those of that respect liberty find that a negative development. Saying that a business owner isnít free to determine what sort of clients he is allowed to have violates his property rights and his freedom of association. Telling anyone that enjoys or at least doesnít mind the company of smokers that they arenít allowed to do in a public place violates the freedom of association for such peoples.

I've known lots of people that hated smoke and when we went out we never had a problem finding restaurants either maintained a functional non smoking section or an establishment in which the owner didnít allow smoking. My great many non-smoking friends simply never patronized places that didnít serve their needs just as I refuse to patronize an establishment that wonít allow me to enjoy my meal as I see fit. These days of course my wishes as a customer are active suppressed by state power in what was once properly call the West.

As to second smoke causing cancer, well, I suppose that is simply another example of how you support any and all junk science that restricts individual freedom and/or brings about higher taxes.
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