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Default Re: A Narghile, 3 Penguins and a Balloon

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
I thought how the dog dealt with the penguins was a riot. I always heard that mastiffs had a pretty brutal rep yet this one was a total pacifist. Very stange! What I wondered is if the mastiff had anything to do with the yardie I mentioned towards the start. I assume the worst but I've no evidence at all.
They can be very aggressive if they where abused when they where a puppy, but for the most part they are an exceptionally lazy pacifist. However if you yell or threaten the owner or piss the dog off you are going to be in some serious trouble. I remember one afternoon when my girlfriend at the time playfully punched me in the chest and I said "Ow" and flinched (as a joke), my dog Bowser(who happens to be a Mastiff) rushed across the room, put his head right in her face and then growled and barked extremely loud. This scared her and made me laugh like hell. Moral of the story don't be aggressive to a mastiff or his owner if the dog is around.
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