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Default Re: Need help selecting a bowl

Originally Posted by EtP_Vocalist View Post
Any suggestions on a certain bowl, and why? Thanks! I will be owning a KM Carnival. This will be my first hookah and i need to know what kind of bowl would be good for it?
It depends on what you smoke and how many people smoke with you. I personally don't a multi-hose rig so I don't have any use for a party style bowl. If you smoke lots of wet, syrupy type products then i'd say go with a funnel, super chief or vortex. If you like the drier style products then i'd suggest you use a generic Egptian bowl although personally I prefer the unglazed Saudi type bowl.

As for me, well 8 times out of ten I use a super chief or a vortex for everything but tombac which I have special bowl for. Sometimes I smoke drier moassels and enjoy them with a Saudi unglazed. Hope this helps.
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