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Default Re: "Stem brush" from home depot

Originally Posted by SonOfGram View Post
Was at home depot today and came by a dryer vent brush (in the heating/plumbing section), looked like it would make a nice stem cleaner (at least for wider gauge egyptians, not modern) so I picked it up, tried it out and it is, a tighter fit than your normal stem brush, but it did it's job, cleaned my km and generic in the process . Feels more solid than a regular brush.

Anyways the brush is 24" and I paid around 5 bucks for it with tax, this is how it looks like (made by Deflect-o, part # dvbrush/6):

Interesting find! I have no idea if it wll work since the taper seems not to practical but it's definately worth looking out for.

I've had great luck with the brushes i've found in this thread:
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