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Assuming the water level is right and you got a ball valve that fits the major issues you are having is most likely related to heat management and set up. I sugest you check out Sambkooka's excellent into vids and get back to us. I also strongly remend that you only use high quality natural coals rather then QLs.

As to the tobacco, well that is complicated in that how wet it's supposed to be is really a matter of what the tobacco is exactly so we need more info. Personally I doubt that the problem is ever with the tobacco for the simple reason that packing a bowl and heat management is something that takes a bit of practice.

Oh, give up on screens! I know that the brass ones that a lot of Arabs/Turks/Iranians like work great for them but i've never gotten the knack of how to use them. I say go with aluminium foil. The patterns very a bit depending on what you smoke but once again check out the inro vids by Samb.
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