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Default Re: Michigan hookah ban bill coming soon near you.

I manage a lounge in East Lansing MI.

First off the bill in no way harms current lounges that make over 75% of their profit in tobacco or tobacco paraphernalia. They are exempt from the bill other then some food license bull shit attached to the end of the bill

On May 1st we are losing our food license that is already paid in full that was supposed to be until the end of the year. Very unfortunate. The good news is although we are not allowed to serve any kind of prepared food or anything of that sort we can still served prepackaged non-hazardous foods which is a good 10% of our food anyway. We will just have to not serve our prepared food (wraps, hummus, deserts we make) and will have to start serving prepackaged stuff which isn't to bad.

As far as hookah being banned all together I think that is a little far. I do know a lot of "hookah caffes" will be abandoning hookah because most of their profit is from food and not from hookah. Since our lounge is pretty much focused on hookahs it will cause us to be a little more creative but actually is opening up some cool things. We will start carrying a lot more different kinds of tobacco as well as a lot of different kinds of hoses and hookahs. The lounges that focus on hookahs will be effected but should live on just as strong, I know ours will

Which reminds me if anyone is ever on MSU campus in Lansing make sure to stop by and say hi!
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