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Default Re: found AF soft black in 50g & 250g

No idea about this place but no, Arks Sous is not like Soft Black. I was a huge fan of Ark Sous until AF wrecked about 2 years ago. It used be a lovely, sweet natural flavour (no, not those nasty twizlers or anise) of real high end licorice. I suppose the closest I can get to it in terms something else would be Panda licorice which is a super high quality brand from Finland that they sell in the states but even that is ins't too close.

Real licorice doesn't taste at all like anise. It comes from root of the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant. Buy some real licorice root if you want to taste the real thing.

Anyway, these days Ark Sous is pretty average and not interesting at all any more. If you can find an old box of it (it has the picture of the licorice leaf on the box) then by all means buy it!
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