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Default Re: REAL nammor hoses

I picked up 2 hoses like this yesterday from a local retailer. I didn't know about the nammor hose, and was unaware of the knockoffs. I got home and did a little research, because we planned on reviewing this hose.

I was shocked to see that we may have purchased a faulty product... Luckily I had the owner of's number laying around so I gave him a call.

After a little discussion we determined that the hoses we purchased were indeed real and he gave me some pointers to help point out fakes.

The hoses come in cheap plasic bags labeled MADE IN EGYPT There are no other markings on the bag, unless the retailer has taken them out of the bag and moved them into something else. Another way to tell if it is fake, is to run a magnet along the hose, the magnet shouldn't stick at all, if it does, sorry its fake. Sorry I only have these two methods to provide right now, but I hope they help you out, We got lucky and ended up with the real thing.
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