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Default Re: Struggling with coconara's

Like biker said make sure you dont have any leaks around the hose connections, base grommet, or bowl grommet, if you are using a regular bowl then I would lightly sprinkle in your tobbaco all the way to the top maybe 1 or 2 mm under the rim make holes kinda like a shower head and place you coals on the edge it does take coco's a while the light fully but never any longer then 10-15, after they are red on the corners all the way up top i flip them and in about 5 mins of them lighting i take them off and let them sit on the edge for 3 mins or so to start baking the shisha, if it taste harsh or burns your throat then either take one off and rotate the others, i think you might be packing your bowl to densely.

hope this helps!
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