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Default What is this? HP expertise needed!

I bought a new hookah on eBay (yea yea, say what you want but I got it cheap) and I am pretty damn sure this isn't a stock downstem. I have looked it up, and can't seem to figure it out. It is a Twisted Sublime hookah from Sahara smoke (stamped on the ash tray holder) (thing thing that holds the tray not the ashes) but on their site, they show the "upgraded" one with the fancier downstem and hoses so I don't have anything to compare it to. The purge valve looks like a couple KM ones I have seen and so do the hose ports. (curved with a rather large opening). Is there any way to tell what is it or maybe something unique I can look for? Thanks.!BjzpE+gCGk~...WPFMg~~_35.JPG

hopefully the link works, its the only picture I have and I don't have the hookah with me to take another pic.

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