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Default Does one have to get used to Hookah smoke?

I'm asking this question because for some reason my fiance' and many of my friends battle to smoke Hookah. By this I mean that when they take a hit, they'll start coughing and say that it's "too strong" or that they're experiencing a "tickle" in the back of their throat. I can't understand why this happens because my fiance' and most of my mates smoke cigarettes while I on the other hand quit smoking cigarettes more than 4 years ago but I don't experience these syptoms.

This kinda blows because I thoroughly enjoy my hookah and it always accompanies me to our social gatherings but it's not much fun if nobody else is joining in. I would also really like my fiance and I to enjoy the hookah experience together but I usually end up smoking on my own because it's too "harsh" for her.

I'm now thinking that perhaps I've just gotten used to the hookah smoke or maybe I'm doing something wrong?

Anyone here with a similar experience?

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