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The quicklights are giving you a headache because even though they light right away, they aren't fully lit until they ash over. Blow on them gently until they are 100% white on the outside and glowing red everywhere( no black).
This goes the same for naturals, however there is no advantage to blowing on the naturals until your ready to ash them.

Other advice:
good large hookah= km. Good small hookah = Mya qt
you don't have to get either, but those are the most common success stories

nammor hose: washable, durrable, smokes well
bowl: get a vortex, an Egyptian/ mod, and a small tangiers phunnel. Yes all 3, then experiment with all of them.
Wash your hookah often!

Smoke a variety of brands, there is always something to discover

search the heck out of these forums, most question can be answered and if they can't ask it here

participate in chat,it gets lively at times
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