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Default Re: Struggling with coconara's

Originally Posted by sid23456 View Post
Hey guys,

I'm in the UK and just started getting into shisha. Recently bought a KM 28" Cafe hookah and picked up some coconara's from here:

I'm using a large shallow egytian bowl, 3 cocos and Al Fakher tobaccos but I'm getting very weak smoke and not much flavour.

I have to use a gas stove to light the coconaras, which get fully ashed/red in about 10-15mins.

After about 5 minutes I have to turn the coals over as they go black (the side touching the foil).

Do I need to just be keeping the coals heated for longer or is there something else wrong? I have used swift lite quick lights which gives nice clouds but taste rank!

As far as moving them, I usually move them once or twice throughout a smoke session.

Never lit cocos on a gas stove, I would look into getting a single coil electric burner. In the states they are fairly easy to get, not sure about the UK.

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