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Default Re: Hookah Not working right

I'll take that bowl off your hands if you are wanting to get a different one.

I would get both a phunnel and a vortex to see which you like if you do get a new bowl)

With that bowl in particular you should only need 2 coals and a wind cover. 3 is *usually* way to much heat in my opinion.
Make sure your air holes are free of tobacco and not getting clogged.
Make sure your purges, stem, and ports are free of clogs.
Make sure you have enough holes in your foil for a good draw but not overboard. It will let in too much air and also give you a crappy smoke!
Make sure your base isn't over filled with water. (It can cause hard draw, less smoke and a very weak hookah) i usually filled my base up to approx 1.5 to 2 inches over the stem. I had plenty of space between the clear plexiglass and the water line.

- Coco coals / exoticas and other natural coals need a longer and more constant heat source. Try using a burner.
- I'm not sure there have been many "cleopatra" reviews. Check the review section under shisha / tobacco.

Also make sure you search "stargate" for tips and tricks on this particular hookah. I owned one and have made several posts about it.

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