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right after i first started smoking, something like 6 years ago i guess, i brought my hookah with me on a visit to my parent's house. i didn't think my mom would care for it, but i've seen my dad smoke a cigar on a few occasions, so i thought he might be interested. my dad just asked if it was all legal and then laughed at the idea. my mom broke down in tears and went on for close to an hour about how i was going to die instantly from smoking, never letting me explain how different it is from cigs. we've never spoken about it again, my brother and i go to a lounge or smoke at his place when i visit the area, and i put the hookah and all my coals and tobacco in a box in the closet if they come to visit me. i don't really care when strangers have unreasonable conjectures about me, but when you're unable to educate a close family member (even just enough that you don't have to hide one of your favorite hobbies completely), it sux.
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