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Default Re: Hookah Stigma


There are to be no drug references in posts. This can be anything from *****, to someone talking about *******, to the mention of *** being something else a poster smokes. This will not be tolerated in this community. This includes such phrases and euphemisms as "not always shisha" ,"the other stuff", "the stuff we don't mention" ETC. If it's not tobacco or herbal based SHISHA, just don't mention it.

Come on guys.... Why do we even need posts like this? They always break the rules and we all have the same stories. People we love/ know/ don't care about think it's something bad and frowned upon because they have the wrong idea or will never understand. The above said people will either come around or they won't.

There are more than enough posts in this to lock it down. So please stop w/ the references or I'm killing this thread. You have been warned!

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