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Default im new to hookah and need a little help

can anyone list some good web sites for buying hookah supplies with low shipping cost. i' m in the US by the way. also i recently bought a vortex bowl and looked on youtube for videos of how to pack it. i think i know how to pack it, but i cant get my hookah to put out decent clouds if any. i use one charcoal for my bowl, iv tried using 2 but it seemed kind of harsh. but when i used 2 i also packed the bowl pretty tight thinking that that's how vortex bowls are used, but thanks to the internet i found out that i was doing it wrong at first. my hookah is one of those noob ones that are like $30.00 for the whole set and its like 11". iv had a little problem when putting a splash of milk in the vase and using 4 ice cubes and the rest with water until it fills half way. when i draw from it i tend to get some of the milk water mixture into my hose. my question about that is if i should not use milk at all, or don't fill up the vase as much. any answers to any of these questions would really help, thank you.
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