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Default Re: Shisharettes?

My suggestion? Screw it. 5 minutes is not a session of anything. It's people quieting the nic fit. Not long enough for a conversation and in no way is it relaxing. Hookah is supposed to be relaxing and calm. Standing around for 5 minutes in a cloud of cigarette smoke is anything but.

If you MUST be part of the cohesive cancer coalition either pick up a pipe with a small bowl or get an e-cig. The e-cig is more like hookah but is harsher and does not taste nearly as good. A pipe is a legitimate tobacco delivery device but unless you want to spend large amounts of money it will most likely be something that will not smoke well and have a small bowl for the shorter session.

The last option? Don't smoke anything. If you are really there just for the conversation and the camaraderie then it should not matter if you are smoking anything.
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