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Default Re: Looking for a 3+ hose hookah

I wouldn't get more than a 3 hose hookah because then you will get a purge valve which on a 4 hose you wont. When you plug the unused hose ports and are smoking it as a 1 hose you want a purge valve. The thing that brings up your price is the extra hoses you'll need unless you have some, it's hard to get a good hookah with three hoses besides a small mya with stock hoses which are thin for around $100.00. The best are KM and I have a dual pearl 2 hose and it smokes great. I use it all the time as a 1 hose and when I plug the other hose port it's identical to smoking any of my other KM 1 hose hookahs. I purchased that from and with the forum discount you can't beat it and I like Rainbow hoses, I bought the leather premium hoses and I didn't care for the loose pull like with the pro hose too, that's just my opinion. I prefer the pull on a Rainbow hose but they don't have the Rainbow I'm talking about but the classic hose smokes great, is cheap, Alvin will discount it for you even more with a multi hose hookah and has removable tips. Any KM will smoke great, if you go with a Mya you can get Nammor hoses and they are great and washable but if you go with the auto seal feature you will have a very noticeable restrictive draw and you will not be able to purge. There no comparison between the two but a lot of people like the auto seal but I wouldn't sacrifice the quality of the smoke on a KM or a purge valve. People just have to remember to put their finger over their hose tip when someone else is smoking the KM. There are a lot of places to get either, a KM, Hookahstore is cheapest and great service, Mya, has a lot, expensive, great customer service, I have other places but don't know what I'm allowed to say on here anymore so thats about it. Hope I heped.
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