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Default I wanna start.... but where at? *PICS*

I found myself about 2 weeks ago craving some Nicotine and have been ever since. I quit cigs about 5 years ago and never have looked back. I thought about chewing on cigars again like I use to but a friend of mine brought up a great memory.

The Memory was a couple years ago we walked into a smoked shop and took some pulls off a hookah... Soon as he said it, I remember how much I enjoyed it but then I looked at the prices of the hookah and got turned off instantly. But I remember how clean it was compared to all other smoke Ive had.

So I remembered my cousin had a hookah he got from his old Egyptian boss years ago and it was just sitting in a closet. I went over and got it today. Gees this thing is looks rough. Its missing the tray ashtray, bowl and all the grommets except the bowl grommet which is melted on. *Dont know how I am going to scrape that thing off*

Here is some Pics...

So of course I was going to pretty much ditch the Hoses... Get a Nammor. Get a Vortex, ashtray,tongs, and all new grommets. Then just order a ton of so I can figure out what brands and Flavors I like. Which comes out to 150 bucks shipped in my cart. Which I will also get a free MYA acrylic with that in this hookah I already have don't work.

But Hell for 150 bucks or a little more I can get a really nice Hookah.. but very little shisha. I want to just buy a nice hookah and the 150 bucks in shisha and accessories but that's 300 bucks off me judging that I liked 2 pulls 2 years ago.

Whats everyone's on opinions on what I need to do?
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