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Default Re: I wanna start.... but where at? *PICS*

Originally Posted by xH00K4HxSN1P3Rx View Post
Check out they have amazing deals and you can get a pretty nice hookah fairly enexpensively.
Cheapo chinese rigs. AVOID!

Honestly, it looks like an average Egyptian pipe, with cleaning and new grommets it will likely smoke better than any cheapo rig. Might even serve you pretty well with a little TLC.

If you like cigars you might do well to look into some traditional tobacco too.

If this pipe were mine, I'd do the following:

Get a stem and bottle brush from any of our sponsoring vendors.

Clean the inside of the stem and bottle out really good.

Clean the outside of the downstem with a scotchbrite pad to get the corrosion off.

Knock the dust off the rest of it.

X-acto knife might be able to take the grommet off the top. It might be fine leaving it on there, provided it doesn't accumulate grossness.

Order a grand caravan hose and a classic Egyptian bowl, some coconara coals and some good tobacco (Nakhla!).

Fire that smokewagon up and see how she does.

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