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Default Re: Identify my hookah, and help me choose what to order for it

Can't but a brand name on those two. They're usually freferred to as just 'generic egyptian'. (Sorry, I can't help more than that)

Phunnel vs Vortex is like an argument between Ford vs Chevy. They both have their fanboys. AF smokes just fine out of a phunnel, vortex or standard egyptian. The only way to find out what's best for you will be to buy both. All should work find with the small, clear silicone gaskets. Hose and bowl gaskets tend to be one size fits all. The only real variaton will come with the base gasket. You need to know the size of the stem and the size of the opening of the base. Email the dimensions to the vendor you want to order from and they should be able to help you.

For a hose, I would suggest one of the several washable ones that are one the market now. Over here, they have names like Nammor, Razan and Grand. You might find cheaper alternatives ordering from Europe.

I can only go by what others say about Cocbricos. At least what I hear, most seem to like them.
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