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Default Re: smoke is harsh on current session!! dumb founded!

The only things I can think of are you're either packing too much tobacco in your bowl, allowing to it rise and touch the foil, or not heating your coals long enough on the stove. Another reason this could be happening is if you leave your coals on the bowl without smoking it for too long; I've noticed that doing this leads to harshness, but it's fixable by blowing out both bowl and base.

As far as heating your tobacco too fast, I don't think that's an issue, unless you're smoking Tangiers. I generally put 3 coals on every bowl I pack, phunnel & vortex, immediately after taking them off the stove, sometimes even with a windcover for a few minutes depending on the brand of tobacco.

Try blowing out your bowl from time to time when the smoke gets harsh if blowing out the base does nothing. That has worked for me on many many occasions.
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