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Default Re: REAL nammor hoses

Originally Posted by Premium-Hookahs View Post
Ok but there must be a thing witch you can separate the two hoses isnt ?

Because if the fake one isn't different, why should i buy the original one?

Is H-S also selling it in a cheap bag with ''made in egypt'' on it?
Yes, the real ones, e.g. the ones that ship from H-S, are in a clear plastic bag with merely a small "MADE IN EGYPT" white sticker on it.

The knock-offs would likely come in some different form of packaging, perhaps even a fancier looking package. I could only speculate at what the differences could be of the hose itself between a legit one and a knock-off. The differences may be irrelevant and cosmetic, or they could be very critical (e.g. painted w/ LEAD on the inside!) When it comes to something that's going to be delivering vapor inside my lungs I'll err on the side of caution especially for the likely meager price difference.
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