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Default Re: AGER Pipes

we have those here in Israel, they are considered to be the 'high quality' chinese hookahs here. they are very common here and they usually come in a nice little box. havn't tried it but i'm guessing, from seeing a lot of it, that they are no different than any unnamed chinese, some are good, some are worse. make sure to check the hose port weldings. check that they aren't loose or anything cause they tend to..

also if u can, do a leaking test before u buy, take off the purge valve cap, clog it with ur finger, clog the place where to bowl sits and blow. there shouldn't be any air coming out, but there usually is with these little chinese, or u'll end up with a nylon wrapped hookah just to plug the leaks, and it won't work in its full ability.

if you can get a legit egyptian, syrian, anything, stay away from the chinese, especially AGER, as (at least here in Israel) they are very expensive in relation to other chinese)

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