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Default Re: I wanna start.... but where at? *PICS*

Originally Posted by xH00K4HxSN1P3Rx View Post
I would have to disagree with you on the "cheapo chinese rigs" my friend. I own a couple KM's, a Mya QT, and an SS Rave. As well as a few different rigs from DCH and they all smoke about the same if you know what you're doing. I actually just ordered a 20in black med. hookah from them. The stem is completely stainless steel, it's a traditional chamber not a common, the base is a thick heavy glass, the bowl is a perfectly fine med. egyptian and a mya hose.. The purge valve is amazing and the draw is so easy you forget it's not a 200 dollar pipe.

Name brand isn't everything man. Unless you're talking shisha or coals. If the pipe is made good, but has a cheap price, doesn't mean you bhace to knock the pipe.
Dude, I just looked at that 20" black rig. It has the same chamber as several of their other pipes and it is a common chamber. Unless their making the same exterior with different interior combinations. Which I concede is possible. However, it would also be more expensive to manufacture, which isn't likely given the price point.

My point is that a $20 Chinese rig might work alright in the short term, but it isn't going to stack up to handmade rig. The fact is the Egyptians have a head start on the Chinese by about a half a millenium when it comes to hookah production.

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