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Default Re: I wanna start.... but where at? *PICS*

Originally Posted by cdplayersony View Post
Try cleaning up and trying that out, if it doesnt work then honestly your free acrylic MYA hookah will be able to carry you over until you get enough money to buy a nice KM. Btw, what shisha's are you planning on getting? We could probably help you avoid tossing any *cough*AFwatermelon*cough*
This is what I have in my cart right now... I was going to put it in the sub forum but might as well keep it here I think.
Flavors and Brands
1-Nakhla 250g:: Mizo mint
1-Al Fakher 50g Flavor: orange
1-100g Starbuzz margarita
1-100g white peach
1-Al Fakher 50g Flavor: cola
1-Nakhla 250g:: orange
1-Fumari 100g: tropical punch
1-Alwaha 50g Orange Vanilla
1-alwaha 50g Power Bull
1-Alwaha 50g Kiwi


1-Coco Nara Hookah Coals (108 Pieces)
1-Vortex Hookah Bowl
1-Traditional Wind Cover Size:: large
1- Hookah Foil
1- Large Red Nammor Hose
1-Hookah Bowl Grommet: Egyptian Bowl Grommet
3-Hookah Hose Grommet: Egyptian Hose Grommet
1-Medium Base Grommet Egyptian

It comes out to roughly 150 shipped. 130 in products and like 20 in shipping. I based all my flavor and brand choices on the tons of Youtube reviews I have watched in the last week mixed with my own personal tastes.

Does it looks like a decent order?
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