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Default Re: Hookah Hookah Tobacco

Up here in Minnesota, the local smoke shop has Nakhla, StarBuzz, Al Waha, Al Fakher, Pharaohs and JM's. I first tried Pharaohs Double Apple, and didn't care for it at all. Then we ordered some HH from and got some Al Fakher from the smoke shop. I like AF, because it gives me a nice little buzz after a few hits. That's for me though. See, I never really smoked cigarettes before, so the nicotine hits me a bit harder, at least that's the way I see it. AF gives me a nice buzz.

Anyways, HH is flavorful. I love the smell and taste of it. HH gives nice big clouds of smoke, from what I've seen.

I tried Nakhla Double Apple yesterday, and it was alright. I've heard its buzzworthy. I don't care for the anise flavoring though. LOL. My husband and his buddy don't normally get buzzed from hookah, for they are smokers and dippers. However they were taking iron lung/chain hits and were buzzed like hell.
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