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Default Re: I wanna start.... but where at? *PICS*

Originally Posted by Cadrian View Post
I think I will take off the White Peach Starbuzz and put in Fumari Peach instead. But I think I will keep the Margarita due to what I been hereing about it being a good lime flavor. Considering I put lime in just about everything, in my drinks and I even use it when I cook on the grill and such. Unless someone else has a better Lime suggestion.

As for the Al Waha.... The thing about my order is I want to spread out brand and flavors. I Have heard alot of people bashing it but the people that like it, really like it from what I can see and for 3 flavors for 7.50 I figured why not?
Fair enough. Just my own opinions, if I'm smoking the mod stuff, Fumari is my favorite.

If you like Cigars and such, you may find that traditional hookah tobacco is worthwhile to you. That said, you have to have an appreciation for natural tobacco flavors. With a little bit of preparation, Nakhla Zaghloul is a great tobacco that you might want to try.

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