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Default Looking for a couple of suggestions

Hey everyone, I'm new here. I consider myself somewhat experienced in hookah smoking, but when it comes to making choices, I'm completely hopeless. Yeah, I've read the sticky and skimmed through the reviews (in fact I found my way here through Sambooka's Mya Colossus review on youtube). So I thought I'd ask the pros for inputs

Now, I'm looking to replace my entire rig. I've already decided on a Vortex bowl and a Nammor hose, both of which I suppose the majority will approve. I can't really decide on a specific hookah though. Some time ago I had settled on a Mya Bambino, but I decided I wanted something... bigger. I guess I should go for something by KM? Nour? Another Mya? I'm open to any suggestion really.

Also, any specific online vendors you would suggest for someone in Europe? I've noticed the site gets along pretty well with a lot of them

Thanks in advance everyone, cya around
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