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Originally Posted by Maxwell314 View Post
From my experiences, the best smoke comes from the tallest hookahs, and if you cant put out the price, then I've actually had very good luck with that mini MYA that you get for free from H-S (I was pleasantly surprised). I think the overall best you are going to get without completely breaking the bank is a 30+" Khalil Mamoon, and the hose that you will get with it is going to smoke the same if not better than the Nammor, only downside being that the hose isn't washable (I have 2 Nammors, I wash em once in a while at best. Not that huge of an issue usually. Flavor does stick around, but if you get the new shisha going right it's a total non-issue). I've also been through a few Moderns in the 30-36" range, KM beats them hands down for the ones I've had.

The one thing you will notice about a Khalil Mamoon probably more than the Giza is that the Khalil is handmade in Egypt, so there are a ton of cosmetic imperfections, but somehow it only adds to the desirability and they smoke like I've never experienced before. Hate to sound like a KM fanboy, but they have definitely made a fan out of me.

If you do decide to go KM, I would look at, you will find that for around $100 you can get a 30 or 32" (maybe taller, look around) Kahlil Mamoon hookah with everything. H-S seems to make packages out of the KM gear and give it a name while hookahstore seems to separate everything for what it really is. They took good care of me and I wouldn't expect them to do any differently to you. If you want to you can also get a Madgy Zidan hookah from them still because it seems like they have quite a few stockpiled. Some say it's a downgrade from KM, I have no way to back that personally, but I've also heard it's a close second.

When it comes to buying hookahs though, I've always leave wishing I had spent just a bit more and gone either bigger or just a better company or just a higher model. If you're just trying to test the waters, that would be a great hookah, but with the exception of the Mini MYAs, I've always found small hookahs disappointing. That is not quite a small hookah, but you'll quickly find that 24" is rather short. It will travel very well though.
Wow, where do I begin? There is so much wrong with this post it isn't even funny. OP do not listen to this!

The Nammor Giza smokes just as good as any of my KMs. The one big difference is weight. The Giza is lighter than KMs, but it doesn't tip at all so no worries there. The Giza is made in Egypt, in fact the stem looks an awful lot like MZ, is it an MZ I don't know.

Once you order I say upgrade the hose to a large, they will charge you and extra $3 but you will be happy you upgraded in the end. Also if you spend enough be sure to get the free mini Mya, truly is one of my favorite hookahs, especially after I changed the base.

Also, dont forget H-S price matches. You find it cheaper elsewhere and they will match the price. H-S is one of my favorite vendors and I have never had a problem with them. If you have any questions on the Giza you can watch my review or feel free to ask me directly. It is a good hookah.
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