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Default Memorable Sessions.

It's thunder storming where I am right now, and it reminded me of one of the coolest hookah sessions I've ever had, which I'll post after the topic here:

What's the most memorable/exciting/scenic/comical smoke you've ever had?

And my story:
This took place a few summers ago in Key West, in '07. A couple of friends and myself went sailing on a Cape Dory all day, a 15' sailboat. It was an ideal day for tropics sailing. After leaving in the morning, we had a sunny day of libations and island-hopping. We proceeded to stay out until near dusk, when we started heading in. About twenty minutes from the marina, the winds got erratic and a squall was within sight. We flopped the sails, dropped anchor, and the four of us went into the tiny cabin to wait it out. I had brought my hookah, like the dedicated guy I am haha, but didn't use it all day (surprise, surprise) as we were on a boat. In the din of the cabin, though, and despite the rockiness of the waves, I felt inclined to set it up. Good use of a combo bowl, I must say! We smoked Naklha Sweet Melon and had a great conversation over the next half hour of the little squall. Then we headed back in, safely. It was a great day.
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