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I'm not going to start a flame war. All I basically meant to say is that with a KM you are practically guaranteed at a quality rig (nothing implied at the quality of the Giza). I've had much better sessions out of my larger egyptian pipes than my shorter. H-S gives the KM hookahs names, while hookahstore seems to give a very straightforward name like "Double Copper Heart" instead of a name like "Imhotep", but whether they price match one of their names verse the one you'd find on hookahstore, I am not sure. The hose you will get with either hookah will be very good whether it's KM or Nammor. I only speak from my experiences thus far, whether they are right or wrong are for you to decide.

In the end it comes down to practicality. I would say go as large as you can without being unpractical for your situation. I have a 42" one piece pipe I have to clean with a garden hose, but to me it's worth it. The smaller hookahs are much easier to take with you, but the Giza isn't necessarily all that short. And I have a have a feeling that in the end you will be wishing you went with something more, as I do with any purchase. Maybe it's impulsive to me.

But in the end I am sure you'll be happy with anything you buy as long as it's not a cheap rig that will fall apart or rust. (which it doesn't look like you're even considering so it shouldn't be a problem)
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