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Quick lights always seem to play with the flavors. They are convenient. They usually burn from the center of the bowl which seems to shorten the lifespan of a bowl. From my experience even with a beefy torch lighter you end up waiting just as long to get the heat to the shisha because the coal takes a bit to completely ember. If you don't have access to a single coil burner or no place to run one, this might be your best solution. I use these on the hookahs I take to parties, but the difference is always noticeable.

Lemon wood coals provide good heat and doesn't change the flavor, but they seem to burn and ash pretty quickly. They are messy, and take quite a bit of effort to get into your desired size/shape. They are usually more safe than coconaras because they wont burn your shisha as easily.

Coconara coals seem to last much much longer than any wood coals I've used. the ash is minimal. Only problem is that they have a tendency to spark when you move them around or blow on them (I smoke outside, so it might be different walking around with one inside). They come in squares which is convenient for consistently placing them across from each other on a bowl. You can split them fairly easily and cleanly with a hammer and screwdriver, but the normal size should work well on any light shisha like SB. I don't use these on Tangiers because they always seem to burn much too hot.

I haven't tried brands like Exotica or any of those. I've had the best luck with AF for wood coal, Coconara for coconut coals, the AF Coconut seemed to spark vigorously for me, and the coconaras always seemed to be much easier to manage.
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