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Default Re: Memorable Sessions.

Whoo first post on the forums for me.

I haven't really been smoking hookah long, just got my second hookah Friday upgraded from a POS pumpkin hookah I bought from a local tobacco shop, but on to the story. My buddies and I were playing darts, drinking and smoking some SB code 69 in the new hookah. Finished that pack and decided we weren't done yet. I switched to some cinnamon, which always gives me decent buzz when I smoke it plain. Well, the night 'was' still young until we smoke the cinnamon. Two hits into the cinnamon my buddy is talking about how he can't feel his legs and can barely stand and totally quit for the night. I proceeded to trash talk my friend and just took a couple more hits then called it a night myself. Never will I do cinnamon while drunk again haha.
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