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Default Re: The not so good side to narghile smoking, part 1


I donít think I draw attention ti myself in that I donít wear shirts with obscenities or try to look outrageous and Iím always polite to anyone thatís not abusive. When Iím overseas I do my best to follow local norms and not stand out. Still, as long as I live in the states I refuse to be some little gray man and if that means danger so be it.

Think of the consequences of what your saying and consider that:

- Women should never dress in a way seen as provocative or some freak might view it as an inducement to rape.

- Counter culture people will just have to get used to looking like IBM salesmen circa 1955.

- Southerners will have to forget about that flag they like and Muslims, Jews and the Amish will have to look like what ever some thug thinks they should like.

Craven conformity to appease stupid, violent people is surrendering to stupidity is itself stupid because the willfully ignorant will never accept your groveling but instead will look for another reason to lash out at others. If you wish to live on your knees so be it but I know better then to think that submission makes me safe.
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