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At my old apartments, the people in the office wanted to talk to me because the lady who lived TWO FLOORS ABOVE ME said that she was smelling a weird smell. Well, any of you who smoke hookah can attest that there really isn't a whole lot of smell and if there is, it's generally quite pleasant (With the exception of the first 5 minutes after you light a quick-light coal which I don't use anymore. Coconaras and Exoticas for me.) Additionally, there is no better smell than my local hookah bar. I don't know what it is, maybe just all the different flavors combining or something. ANYWAYS. Somehow they knew I smoked hookah and they needed me to explain it to them. There wasn't any smoking rules at these apartments, and at the time I did smoke cigarettes, but only outside. That was the end of it. Made me a little worried though.

EDIT: Whoops... broke the rules and didn't mean to. sorry. edited it out.

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