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Default Re: holes in that are punched close to the rim are bad ?

I did read somewhere that you shouldn't punch holes within 1/4 inch of the rim of the bowl. I, for one, however, haven't adhered to that statement. I punch holes all the way to the edge of the rim and haven't suffered any burn problems or air flow problems resulting from it. However, I'm gonna try just doing a smaller series of holes nearer to the center to see how it works. For me, I try to punch enough holes to get the desired air flow for smooth draws. I don't really think that the placement of the holes really makes a huge difference in the heat management as the heat will penetrate the foil as it heats up from the coals placed atop it whether there are a lot of holes or few. The holes really just facilitate air flow and how it will draw through the moassel. Smoke happy.

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