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KMs lack autoseal with their multi hose hookahs. While its not a big deal most of the time. A lot of the time with a mod I converted to two hoses I dont put the ball bearings in (one works properly, the other gets pulled into the nammor hose) and it doesn't make much sense to have more than one hose in a group of say 4 maybe 5. Passing the hose isnt a huge deal, and with 2 hoses you cant really pull at the same time and get good smoke. if you guys are going to be sitting the length of the hose in each direction maybe it's worth it, but I would say just get a 1 (2 if you compromise) hose KM. The cost will be substantially less and you don't have to worry about as many hoses as well.

As for germs generally just wiping the tip off on my shirt comforts me, your friends shouldn't be chewing on the mouthpiece either. If you guys are worried about each other you could just get a single nammor (or just a hose with removable mouth tip) and then buy extra mouth tips and swap em in for yourself.

I would say buy a 1 hose KM fairly large. And with the money you save from that you can probably go with a cheap mod maybe 3 hoses with autoseal. Or just stick with one and get some quality shisha/bowls/coals.
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