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Default hookah sickness?

hey everyone...before you say anything...i have read the previous thread about hookah sickness and nausea.

the past three times i have smoked hookah...i have gotten nauseous and stomach felt like crap. i drink a gallon of water a day (do it becuase i work out) have done it on a mildly full stomach and have even tried eating while i have smoked. and i dont hit it to much. a hit or 2 every few mins. take nice breaks inbetween. oo and the sessions were liek a week apart. and only one bowl. so totaly smoking time per day mabe 45min. why am i still getting sick? have my body developed something against hookah

1. 2 hose maya vortex SB wb mint
2. 1 hose syrian egyptian nakala DA
3. generic vortex with SB half mojito and half mint

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