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Default 2nd water bowl as an extension.

Ok, so I have my monster KM, and it's not that convenient to use inside because if it does tip, it has a wide radius of destruction. Also getting the ash off the bowl generally makes a mess, so I was thinking... What if I were to use the hose port from the KM with an end of an old hose, the cut up the mouthpiece end and jam that on top of my Mini Mya and basically double filter the water. I've seen people talk about going though water twice, but how well would that work. It would allow me to run a hose from the KM outside to the MYA inside, then use the hose port on the mya to supply my hose, and give better reach inside.

Does going through water twice change much? How does this affect the amount of pull required to get air through (obviously increased.. substantially?) and anyone know of maybe even using different types of tubing with the old pieces of a hose and a grommet for a bowl?

Just thinking...
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