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Default Just got some of that Hookahfina tobacco...

i recently took a little trip down to warehouse in Glendale CA to try out this new hookahfina tobacco that you guys were talkin bout a few weeks ago. i only had enough on me to buy one flavor so i went with ruby rush. the other smells were just ok (and the twilight flavor was weird IMO kinda smelled like a soothing candle that was wayyyyyy too pungent) but the ruby rush stood out to me as a very citrusy sweet grapefruit smell and the best the brand had to offer. after 3 sessions of smoking the stuff im a total fan of this flavor. its got a great burst of citrus and it has a smooth cooling affect. it tastes like a sweet grapefruit candy that not too strong and not bitter at all as some would expect with grapefruits. i also got a 50g sample of the blueberry flavor and it taste just like you would expect. i know this should probably go into the review section but there isnt a section for this brand yet so i thought id share the story with you guys here.
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