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Default Re: hookah sickness?

make sure you clean your rig, bowls, and base. Nasty things can build up over time if you don't' maintain your hookah, keep it cleaned and scrubbed out!

Make sure you are smoking in a well ventilated area. Put a light fan on, open a window, make sure your area has air flow!Also try and light your coals in a well vented area away from your smoking area. (Try lighting outside them moving them inside) I know when I light q/l and occasionally naturals, my stomach wretches and lurches and I don't feel so hot. So now I light my coals in the kitchen, then transport them to the living room (via a coal tray) so I have lots of air circulating.

Make sure your hose isn't rusting.
I don't let my tobacco touch the foil ( it's usually harsh for me and gives me a headache faster)
I usually drink some red can coke when I smoke. (Water of course, but I also drink red can coke since it has potassium in it. You could also eat a banana. Potassium is known to help with headaches)

I can't think of anything else at the moment. I'm at work and I am tired
Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Never eat while smoking. Also have you smoked Nak before? Its unwashed and has a much higher nic content, so it is a super buzz in comparison to SB.
HUH?Nick, what are you talking about? Why not eat while smoking? What's wrong with it?

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