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Default Re: Drunk Hookah= Bad morning?

My guess is you could have been dehydrated from drinking and the smoking might have just made it a little worse but I would say it the drinking is 90% to 99% of the problem.

I rarely get a headache after drinking, I usually just super thirsty and a little dizzy in the morning after a night of to much. Which usually I drink some Gatorade or Juice or something followed by something with some caffeine(which also can dehydrate you), which makes me feel pretty decent.

Nicotine is out of system pretty fast... HIGHLY doubt it caused you to be dizzy in the morning but smoking can help with becoming dehydrated and Drinking can really dehydrate you.... Kinda one the big things that cause Hangovers.

Did you eat before you drank and Smoked? Did you drink any liquids with out alcohol before hand?

*edit just some copy and pasted information
Smoking can also have a dehydrating effect. The chemicals in tobacco cause blood vessels to temporarily constrict, a reaction similar to dehydration. When dehydration and smoking are combined, the body's need for water is intensified. Smoking also accelerates how quickly the body metabolizes caffeine and, as a result, it aggravates caffeine's dehydrating effect on the body

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