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Default Re: Daedra's Big Night Out

well guys. wow what a night. i have the biggest smile on my face. it was a bit chilly outside so we went somewhere different. we drove around forever looking while listening to cocteau twins. we eventually found a lebanese place.

lebanese do things right - the food was even better, the smoke was even better. turns out she knows alot more than i thought. we had grape leaves, falafel, tabbouleh, baba ganouj, hummos, etc, etc, etc, as well as arabic coffee that had a great taste of cardamom. we smoked a raspberry shisha - perfect taste that was close to havana's raspberry. then topped it off with yakatosh (SP?)

afterwards we drove back. she invited me to come to her house and watch movies but i have class tomorrow so that just wasnt possible. as i was about to get out of the car i could tell that she was nervous because she was fidgeting around and couldnt keep her hands still.

i put my hand on her shoulder and heres where it gets mushy... we moved towards each other and kissed quite passionately - her lips were so soft, delicate, and thin, yet very unexperienced. i could still taste the raspberry on her lips from the shisha. we sat there kissing in front of the complex gate for a long time, stopping, giggling, then giving into desire over and over.

we were so into one another that we werent pay attention to the cars behind us trying to get inside. i glanced over and saw that they opened the gate and were driving around us. i didnt want to disrupt the fruits of my charm so i continued to kiss her even more passionately. it only happened 10 minutes ago but it feels like an age old memory. i remember her saying, "what did they put in the food?"...

i dont know what they put in the shawarma or the nargila but whatever they did - THANK YOU!
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