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Default Re: tips on bigger clouds?

Originally Posted by Cadrian View Post
I am pretty new to the understanding of this... but from my understanding.

Alot of the smoke is actually vapor from the glycerine that is in it... The Same thing that make up those fake cigarettes that fake smoke.

So if your tobacco isnt that wet... Couldn't you just add more Glycerine? I heard it does take away from the flavor the more you add but it does add clouds. You can pick up Glycerine from your local pharmacy I think.

So either I would say buy some decent quality Shisha, Make your own Shisha and adjust your Glycerine levels to your liking or add Glycerine to your pre-made shisha (Which I havent heard of anyone doing this but I am sure it would work)

That mixed with wide gauge hose and heat management with windcover and good coal control.

Plus I figure alot of the cloud form really had to do with the way you blow it out and maybe even how you take in.
Good ideas. Theres some stuff called shisha juice that helps wet tobacco up. I havent looked into it at all. But its along the lines of what you describe.
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