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Default Re: 2nd water bowl as an extension.

that sounds like alot of pulling... considering your going to run a hose from inside to outside... How long of a trip we talking with the Hose? You might get light headed pulling on that hose everytime, and you have to think about it going stale on that trip outside. I am sure about what projects other people have done but I figure they only traveled a couple feet to the other hookah, but maybe am wrong I havent seen those vids.

Why dont you looking getting a new base?

Those KM jumbo Bases dont look like they are going anywhere....

And from what I have looked at in Youtube Vids the Bases are hardcore stable. Photolinger did a review where he showed the hose is more likely to come out before they tip. @ about 4:20 he shows how stable it is and that's just the smallest one.

Or you could just go over board and get something like this..... for only 10 bucks.

But just because something is out of the box doesnt mean its the greatest idea.... The Best ideas to solving a problem are the simpliest ones. You looked into just putting bricks around your base or something?

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