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Default Re: Daedra's Big Night Out

Originally Posted by cast1e06 View Post
glad to hear ur night went well
i feel alive haha!

if any of you guys are going on dates, dont go to the olive garden. go to a nice hookah bar / arabic restaurant. the food is exotic but its not so exotic that youre going to be thinking, "what have i got myself into?". the hookah is a big help because its alot easier to talk to someone who is smoking a hookah (hookah is a intimate thing). also, no dutch treat - after the meal is done, YOU pay for it and you tip well! dont be cheap!

the food and hookah shows her youre a cultured person who is unique and into stuff the majority of men arent into, and you paying the bill shows that you are a provider rather than a moocher and shows you arent materialistic.

i honestly believe hookah is life changing.
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