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Originally Posted by dlr1881 View Post
Hajo and his conspiracy

i love it lol

who do you think killed Kennedy
this is one of the few "conspiracy" things i agree with hajo on (maybe not the same reasons it happened but that is is a conspiracy), if you look at what was going on when the bill was first introduced (late 90s- very early 2000s) RJ Renyolds was selling a lot of flavored camels, PM didnt do the flavored game, but the "industry support" of the bill came from PM. also less than 1% of the underage smoking market was flavored/cloves, most people just smoked the standard brands. all the changes to the cigs that had to be made were changed for rj renyolds and nothing for PM. I am still waiting to see these ingredient lists that were part of the law.

i want my damn real djarum blacks back, i didnt smoke them much but i liked them, these cigars they sell know as blacks are not the same and are no where near as good
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