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Default Re: Drunk Hookah= Bad morning?

Originally Posted by bbwave View Post
So a couple nights ago some of my friends and I decided to bring out the 2 hose pharaoh while we were pretty drunk. I smoked it for a good hour. When I woke up I had never been so dizzy in my life. Also I had smoked once during the day and then 2 times the day before. Note that I am not a frequent smoker. Could it be that I smoked too much hookah in a small amount of time. Im just trying to figure out why I was soo dizzy when I woke up. I couldnt get out of bed. Thanks guys.


I have been smoking hookah for several years, and lately I have found that sometimes when smoking a lot of hookah I will get very nauseous and feel like I need to lie down for a bit. This sounds like it might be similar to what you're talking about. Usually I notice it after I smoke a lot of hookah at once with just one other person. Probably a reaction to the quantity, I guess.

I find that if you just space out your smoking a bit you usually don't feel this way.
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